How do you know if your furniture is a product of Nill's?


We have our company's logo emblem on the bottom right corner of each product of our panel groups. In our seating groups, you can find out whether the product is one of ours by checking whether there is our company's logo sewn on various places or on the cushions or adhered to the leg of the product.


What are the advantages of using branded furniture?


Branded furniture firms ensure that their products are used safely by the consumers as they work within the framework of certain systems, standards, social responsibilities and quality standards. After-sales service is among the reasons of preference due to the trust that it creates in the customer during the use. On the other hand, the price-quality relationship offered by branded furniture creates a sense of trust by the user.

Matters to be considered when buying wooden furniture


The cabinet doors of this furniture should be closed well. The drawers should be easy to opened and closed. It should be clean inside the drawers (There should not be any splinters, knots, etc.). Long shelves should have a central support. Sliding doors and cabinets should not be creaky and should easily slide. Long doors should be supported with sturdy hinges. The construction of the furniture must be sturdy and safe. Interior surface angles should not be rough. The feet of tables should stand properly on the floor and they must be fully compatible with each other.


Matters to be considered when buying fabric-coated furniture


It must be comfortable to sit on the furniture; the back should be smooth and unobstructed. The skeleton must be strong, not creaking, not swinging. The skeleton and the corners should be well covered with fabric. The corners must be well joined and glued. The stitches and piping should be neat. The patterns should be centered and the lines should be compatible with the stitches. The mattresses should be flexible and fully matched to the seat. The buttons on the sofa and seat should be safely sewn. Products that are to be used consistently should be sturdy and often woven. Parts that can be removed for cleaning must be made of a product that will not tear. The balance for each seating position should be well ensured.

Source: Association Of Turkish Furniture Manufacturers