As NILL'S; We don't just design products; we understand you, care about your demands, evaluate your ideas, and work with all our strength to build a better tomorrow together.

The activities of the first generation, who had a share in the establishment of Ankara Siteler, one of Turkey's first furniture shopping and store centers in 1958, are considered the beginning of the decoration adventure of Nill's and its sub-brands.

In this process, we were also involved in the furniture and decoration works of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, and the work done here was effective in making the decision to continue in the furniture industry.

Furniture production started in 1958 under the leadership of Ahmet Ortakcı, and the foundations of Nill's quality, which has lasted for more than half a century, were laid in this way.

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With more than half a century of experience, Nill's is a brand that has made a name for itself with the projects it has developed, created and completed, from idea to design, from product to space, with its own team around the world.Combining the work of traditional craftsmen and modern architects to create timeless spaces, Nill's provides product and architectural design services for living spaces such as hotels, homes and offices, in harmony with the spirit of the environment.. Nill's, acting with the aim of having own design style accepted as a standard all over the world, combines expertise and craftsmanship with the technology of time and transforms it into innovative ideas, spaces and products.With projects, Nill's has been presenting perspectives on interior architecture and living space designs to the world over the years.


Based on more than fifty years of in-depth experience, Nill's culture sees the collections it presents in its stores in Turkey and around the world, the projects it produces and the architectural services it provides as carriers of its own history.Nill's develops its story, which it rewrites every day, with the benefits it offers to meet all the needs of all the lives it touches.It accepts the principle of 100% customer satisfaction, from production to sales and especially after sales, as an indispensable part of its brand.After the sale, Nill's continues to produce ideas and solutions for all kinds of customer needs. Nill's strives to design and produce better every day, and follows and owns all its products from the first day to the last.Nill's listens to and understands its customers from the first moment, cares about their needs, evaluates their ideas and produces tomorrow's needs.


Nill's believes it is essential to reflect its own spirit and style in its 12 stores across Turkey and in all the spaces and projects it creates.And uses all the third parties he has worked with, the architects designing the world of tomorrow and the unique masters of the ancient craft of wood to create and maintain Nill's style. Nill's aim is to produce every product needed in every moment of life with its own design approach and to contribute to the culture of interior design with original ideas.Nill's sees every living space it creates as its own product, interpreting criteria such as colour, form and integrity with a unique understanding. In the light of all these ideas, the most important indicator of Nill's culture can be seen as spaces that are a reflection of their own identity.